Complaint: Harassmentdiscrimination

on 01 February 2021 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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On 19th of Jan at store 1658, iam a disabled veteran with my medical service dog cookie was shopping, me and cookie was looking at meat. When Gayle a manager came from the back doors. Gayle said to me wow what a beautiful dog, then she said oh iam sorry her patch says please don’t pet me iam working, I asked her did she want to pet her Gayle said yes, I told cookie to take a break, after she walked away. Me and cookie was shopping I can up to a end cap, getting soda and as I was putting on cart I saw mr.chan talking to Gayle and I could easily tell as he was talking to her I could tell he was looking at me, he went to turn and Gayle turned around approached me saying is that dog certified our you training the dog. Really just 10 minutes from that you asked to pet cookie why didn’t you asked me than you didn’t because mr.chan asked you to ask me, me and cookie has been shopping there for 2 years everything were in there and mr.chan is in the store he watches us like iam stealing type he gives me.and cookie. There are no complaints on cookie cookie is highly trained for my mental condition. As a disabled veteran its a uncomfortable feeling everything I shop especially when mr.chan is in the store. The 19th finally had a enough, mr.chan told Gayle to confront me about cookie by saying is that dog certified, that’s against the law, and that I’ve had enough of this manager. MR.CHAN needs to learn yhe law on medical .service dogs and understand what the service dogs do. You know being a solider and I come home, and seen what I saw as a solider, Department of veterans affair gave me a medical service dog to assist me, to help me the ability to go into a retail store and other environments. My depression has shot right through the roof, my anxiety is very high. My nerves are really bad right now because what was.done on the 19th at store 1658. I feel like I can’t go in your store without being watched all the time, and having him to tell Gayle to asked me is that dog certified. She just pet cookie 10 minutes before that and in that short time you forgot her name really should.have been said excuse me is cookie certified our you training cookie that didn’t happen plus it’s against the law. The law is if a medical .service dog is barking our pee our poop on the floor, than as a manager for the safety if your customers and staff you have the right than to ask for the certification and you have the right to asked them to leave, for us disabled veteran our civilian has a service dog. A certified medical service dog will never do anything that there not supposed to do. Your staff throughout the region needs to be more educated about medical service dogs, because I can tell your management team have no clue, what the law is.

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Suggested solution:

Update all food lion stores on how to work with medical service dog.

Comment by poster of the complaint Progers@1234

9 months ago - Nothing was done to fix the problem

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