Complaint: Aggressive Defamation of Character Manager

on 24 February 2021 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I am sending a concern to the management team of Food Lion, Mr. Gary Williamson of the Oyster Point store has targeted me and has harassed others within my company in attempts to have me removed and fired. In his failures to do this, he contacted my board of license slandered and attempted to obviously harm my character and professionalism. In the process no longer see regular clients for therapy until investigations was finished. His false allegations were dismissed. I am contacting you to inform you that Mr. Williamson had other Food Lion employees at the Yorktown store in the month of June 26 take photos of me and my fiancé while we were shopping in the store. This employee was on the clock and working and took pictures of us. I have no alt against Mr. Williamson however I have family that shop at the local Oyster Point food lion that are scared to go into the store because they are afraid of Mr. Williamson and what drastic, impulsive and repetitive thing he might do. They are willing to take out protection orders against him because of the aggressive behaviors he has shown within my business and also trolling and stalking our social media accounts for information that he distorts and takes out of context to assassinate the character of myself and those that I love.

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Please respond to this email indicating that something is being done to help ensure my family is safe in shopping within this location. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

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