First Abu Dhabi Bank complaint: wrongly charging and not closing my loan which they never gave me

on 27 February 2023 about First Abu Dhabi Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

i have applied personal loan and recived on 11 january 2023 for AED 200000 after 18 days they have blocked my loan and my salary as well, after 3 days struggle FAB released my salary but personal loan was blocked my 1st installment was due on 25 Feb 2023, i have called helpline for past 1 month many times to record complaint every time they said legal team has blocked they cannot raise any complaint ,i have requested to close my loan because every day interest was increasing branch managers said they cannot do anything just sent email helpline, has no answer refused to register my compalint i went to branch requested to close loan since it is blocked amount with them and not in my use but theysaid we cannot cancel loan and we cannot release the car loan installment is due on 1st and i deposited in my fab account they deduct it as personal loan installment. i called helpline they said one department has given u loan so u must pay the installemnt i told him loan amount is blocked by your bank he said its different department you must pay this installemnt i asked why it is blocked he said he dont know and i have to wait until the team reply if they will release the loan money or not.this will effect my etihad credit score badly, why i should pay interest and loan when they money i never used its in my bank account and they blocked it.
they refuse to give any complaint number or register complaint always they said we have sent an email with no answer please help me out and get hold on bank either cancel or release the loan i should not charge this way.
i dont want my score to be effected when this is not my ault either they close.
please help me every day i sit in branch many hours call helpline what i did they are doing this way no one is there to ask them,

Suggested solution:

release or close my personal loan which is blocked by them
my etihad score should not be suffer because of them

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