FedEx complaint: FedEx Express employee parking in a handicap zone.

Complaint from Number 5 reported on 14 May 2024 about FedEx

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My complaint:

I saw a Fed Ex truck parked in front of my house. Two blue handicapped posts mark the area in front of my house as a handicapped parking spot.

The young man with dark hair delivered a package to 5151 Girard Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55430 between 9:20 and 9:35 am on May 11, 2024.

I spoke to him through my window and told him that he was parked in a handicapped zone.

He said, I’m leaving now. I told him that it didn’t matter if he was leaving or not, the fact remained that he was illegally parked.

The delivery man said, There were no other spots. This was a bold and blatant lie. No one was parked to the north of the signs.

I told him I would file a complaint with FedEx about his illegal parking and attitude.

Had he just apologized and said he would be more careful next time, I would not file a complaint.

I heard him cursing at me as he drove away and parked a few houses down to deliver another package.

This type of disregard for the law and for someone who pointed out his errors is despicable.

I am offended by the delivery driver’s insults and cursing at me.

Suggested solution:

I want a formal written apology, including a note that states the employee did receive discipline.

I want the young man to be disciplined according to FedEx policies.

I want all employees to be made aware of where they park. My roommate and I are both handicapped and have rides picking us up and dropping us off at all times of the day. Add to that the fact that I often have to call 911 for my roommate, it would be nice for all employees to be aware of the potential hazards they could cause the homeowner.

Words hurt. Don't take an attitude when someone points out your error. You are the one in the wrong and there is no need to curse the one in the right.

If a zero star existed in the rating, it would be the one I choose.

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