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on 24 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I went inside a Dollar store to get some Detergent, i was wearing a face covering, not a Medical mask but a face covering. The clerk even saw me as i past thru the register area on my way to get my Detergent. It took me at least 3 min to go from getting my Detergent to walking to the front to pay. I was in line to pay for my item when the security gaurd told me i needed a mask. I said my face is covered he said nooo you need a mask please exit the store very obnoxiously and i explained to him my face was covered he said i needed a mask, I was not happy with the situation that i used not so kind words to express my disgust with him, as i was leaving out the door he was also not using nice words to me that at that point a customer was calling me Sir Sir, and said i had the same problem with him earlier She said i was covered as well and he asked me to leave. At this point the gaurd came out with his boton in hand ready to hit me. I got my phone and told him i was going to call the police and that i was going to record him..he looked at me and said get the hell out of here which i said screw you. A second later an employee came out to the door and asked what the problem was, i explained to him that it was uncalled for that the security gaurd had asked me to leave when in fact my face was covered, just because i didnt have a medical mask on i still was having my face covered. I asked who he was he said the Manager he said that he could not over rule the security guard because the security gaurd was in charge of the store and the other stores around where i replied then what was his duty as a Manager which he shrugged his shoulders and walked back inside when the Security gaurd came out again to asked me to leave and my response was that he was crazy and needed to go back to school and get re-education on face covering guidelines. At this point i was already near my car when i heard him say i hope you die!

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I feel the security gaurd should be reprimanded and he and other staff members be educated on face covering guidelines!

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