Complaint: Very rude, non professional environment, with disrespectful attitudes.

on 01 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I walked into the family dollar in mccormick sc store 00934, a cashier and a manager was standing there laughing and playing, looked up when I came inside, so I said hey, how are y’all doing, because they looked as if they had gotten caught doing something they had no business doing. They did not speak back which was very rude, and unwelcoming. I went on and got the items I came to purchase, the line was long, the manager was sitting behind the counter rubbing her feet still laughing and gossiping with the cashier who was still rude and didn’t greet me at all by the time I finally made it to be checked out, once again I decided to greet her by saying are you doing okay today? She responded with a attitude saying I’m just fine. Still not greeting me, so by this time I already decided I would not be going back in that rude and unprofessional store anymore, I could barely walk through the isles, shelves was bare, and unorganized. To top it off the cashier slung my variety bag of chips at me after scanning them, and bagged my chemicals and foods and drink in one small bag, I became so frustrated I didn’t even say anything, I just wanted to get the heck out of there. I love family dollars , but those to employees need to be more welcoming, organized, and respectful to their customers, because I’ve never seen those women or do I know those women, and I would hate to see how they would treat a customer they know and don’t like, geezus!! Terrible terrible customer service.

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I was so ready to leave I didn’t care.

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