Family Dollar complaint: Very rude and unbusiness like

on 21 September 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Woman at register was very rude when she saw that I had inserted my Debit card to pay for my items and when the register ask me if I wanted any cash back I put in yes and the amount I wanted. There was NO sign up that i COULD NOT DO THIS.I don’t know her name because she was not wearing a name tag, but she told in a rude manner that i should have told her that i was asking for cash that she could not give me my money.The manager came out of the office and started in a strong voice that she was not going to cancel the transaction or give me my money.I was ready to call the police when she said she had to open the safe.Again treated badly! At first she would not tell me how long it took for the safe to open and finally said 5 min.She got the money out of the safe ,waved it in my face and told me not to ever ask for money again.I am 76 years old and have never been treated badly in a FAMILY DOLLAR until 09202022 at 2:30 in the afternoon and will never go back there……MARGARET LAUGHEED….704-853-9691

Suggested solution:

Hire people with professional experience and a decent dress code, not wearing bedroom shoes and un combed hair.

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