Complaint: Unfair treatment of store ASM

on 13 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I work for store 11371 and I am an ASM, WE ASM are always being threatened to be wrote up because things arent done, I understand that as managers we have to make sure that things are done but we are not the only ones working there, but we are the only ones being held accountable. Also WE the ASM are on the register more than the cashiers are so when we dont have a cashier then it is hard to get everything that the store manager wants done or to get done what we know needs to be done. We are being put on register sometimes even if we do have a cashier. Also the store manager needs to learn how to talk to Us and respect us just like she expect for us to respect her. Also, I got wrote up cause she and I had a disagreement and I wasnt on the clock, I went to work early cause I looked at the schedule wrong and I was asked what are you doing here?’, and then she wanted to talk so we listened and she repeated the same thing about 5 times and I let her know that it was getting a little annoying and when I said that she started threatening to write us up( which is all the time) then she said that we will respect her and I told her that as an adult I need the same respect and I was told to go home and I did to find out later that I was wrote up for that day but it was never presented to me. I love my job but the store manager doesn’t know how to talk to US Asm but she laughs and joke with the csr and stockers( who never get threatened to be wrote up but she wants us to be a team, if we mess up on a shift then everybody should be held accountable cause we are a team. Also she feels that she can say what she wants to us but when We say something she doesn’t have to listen

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I feel that the same way we get wrote up then she should be wrote up to. It's against company police to threaten, or harass anyone on the job. We have already had a meeting with the District Manager about this and it is still going on, nothing has changed

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