Complaint: The store manager was rude and delivered terrible customer Service

on 29 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On October 26 I wanted to exchange three items I purchased earlier that month. I looked up your store policy because I lost the receipt but it said I could get store credit and have it put on a family dollar card. I did not ask the manager for a cash refund. He told me to step aside so he could figure it out. I did and 4 customers paid and left. I had my two small autistic children with me which becomes trying when their standing in front of candy for a long time. I then told the cashier to call te manager back over because he walked away the first time. By the time he came back two more people got online and told me to move out the way so the cashier could take the next customer. I told him I already did that and when am I going to be the next customer? The manager said he’s not exchanging it because he doesn’t know if the items are from family dollar which they obviously are recognizable because of the brands. None of the merchandise was opened or a food item. It was from housewares. Sticker decals,a small dish shelf and a roll of duck brand shelf paper. Unopened. My 6 year old daughter opened a KitKat bar while the store manager was arguing with me and telling me to get out the store in front of my children and in front of now 4 customers which was uncalled for. My daughter ate the KitKat when I started picking up my items and puting them in the bag to leave he asked if I paid for the KitKat and I said I hadn’t yet because he was arguing with me and he got the phone and said he’s calling the police because I’m stealing while I have two dollars in my hand to pay for it. So I paid the cashier and told the manager I paid for it when I was standing in front of the cashier and not attempting to walk out the store. This was the worst experience that I have had at Family Dollar and I have no choice but to shop there because there are not a lot of local stores in Albany. I’ve worked in customer service for 10 years. I don’t think store managers should threatening call the police or yelling at mothers in front of their children over a 12 dollar exchange. I think the situation was poorly handled. I’m a frequent customer of Family Dollar and spend money almost everyday in these stores. Especially with the Pandemic and staying out of large stores like Walmart. I never want to go to that store again now due to how awful I was treated.

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I'm not sure but maybe needs more training in customer service and probably an anger management course.

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