Complaint: The Baxterville store not the store located in the city limits of Lumberton

on 26 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I stopped by there to purchase some homeline ammonia cleaner because I was told it would help keep snakes away which I was bitten by a snake earlier today and the young man and the woman who were on shift were extremely rude. Granted using polite mannerisms, as a former consumer service representative tone and facial expressions can voice any underlying tones and what the staff this day told me underlyingly is I was apparently inconveniencing them. I’ve lived around the area for nearly 16 years and I’ve never ever had a problem at any stores always maintain politeness and a respectful demeanor and normally I would write it off to Monday cashiers just for having a rough day putting up product or maybe dealing with unruly consumer beforehand. But this was highly uncalled for hey they were out of stock as they normally are for the things I go in I generally just write it off and have to go to a different store. And as a manager at before convenience store the shelves are always poorly stock and poorly organized and poorly priced which may cause a lot of their issues with consumers being as a consumer sees one price on the shelf and then brings said product up to the register and it’s completely different price I hear that happened a lot there. just because baxterville is a smaller community does not me a requires any smaller bit of politeness and respect to its consumers.

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Politeness and mutual respect for every consumer no matter their personal opinions or view on even a specific consumer. Any consumer service representative no matter the product should keep there problems with anyone anything and their personal life separate from their professional life. And if a night is not going their way, they should keep in mind that the consumer had nothing to do with it. I apologize for having to complain but tonight was a night where I just wanted to get the product out there for and leave and maybe a little politeness added.

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