Complaint: Store close 1 and 12 early.! Employees on lot in their car smoking weed said store was closed early.

on 23 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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At 7:30 p.m. Central standard time my fiance (Jerimiah) and I (Karlie) pulled into the parking lot of Family Dollar @ 7122 Page Ave St. Louis, MO. 63133, upon arriving my fiance got out of our vehicle, and walked towards the door to enter the building, he was going to grab only 3 items. The door was locked when he tried to open the door.! Now we know the business times, because not only did we google to verify store operation hours, but we was at the same location the night before the pat 2 nights in a row after 8:30 right before close. Not to mention we stay right next door so we visit this location almost daily for the last few months. After we noticed the door locked I yelled at him from the car and said they’re open I just Googled again to recheck the times to make sure we was correct about the closing time, and we were right, the store didn’t close for another hour and a half. We seen 2 employees sitting in their running car with the windows down, they were smoking weed, we could smell it and see the smoke coming from the car. My fiance asked if they we’re open, and both the employees yelled out and said we closed early tonight.!. No explanation, no apologies, nothing. And that infuriated myself and my fiance, we needed some wipes and some diapers for our baby and didn’t have the money or the time and transportation means to get to any other store locations tonight. Also I could understand if the computers may have been down, but why are they still sitting at the store on the lot smoking weed, and as soon as they heard me say, I’m calling corporate, and my fiance said yes seriously do that, and got in the car and as we were pulling off the had got out of the car and hurried inside the store. It seemed to us like they heard us say we were calling corporate and they wanted to be in the store just incase they were going to be checked up on by higher up management or owners. This was very unprofessional, rude, and very inconvenient.! Locking the doors and telling customers you closed early because every employee in the store wanted to be outside together and getting high while on the clock. How shameful. They are making family Dollar look even worse than the employees already do on an average basis.!!

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Those employees should be drug tested and fired.!! Period.. they are closing your store and turning down profitbusiness. As well as smoking drugs on the premises while on the clock.!!

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