Complaint: Slander, discrimination, and violent threats to a customer

on 02 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Greetings, My name is Hobert Austin. I am the security of this shopping plaza, authorized by the owners of this lot, ANGIES BEAUTY SUPPLY. January 3rd 2021 will make ten years for me here with my three children. This complaint is regarding to an incident that occured on saturday 11-21-2020. This dispute was over the miscalculation of a purchase made by my wife over $3.50. When my wife proceeded to give the money to the cashier, the manager Lawanda stated that it was $5 we owed being that her employee’s till was short $5. My wife then proceeded to show Lawanda the receipt to explain the transaction error and miscalculation. Lawanda took the receipt to have a look. While my wife pointed at the receipt to show and express what was on the receipt, Lawanda made the statement to my wife by saying do not point your finger at my chest! My wife then walked out the store to ask me, if i could explain this receipt to Lawanda because she will not listen and is displaying that she wants to engage in confrontation. At this time Lawanda had already walked out of the store to approach the two of us. Lawanda attempting to explain her view, we disagreed with her math, showing her the receipt again. Lawanda then said you know what, I do not have time for this, you cant count you dumb bich, fk you, your a bich, dont come back in my store bich! Never once, did my wife and I curse back at her or argue back. I then asked Lawanda whats wrong ? Why are you calling my wife all these biches? Thats not right and your wrong. My wife and I were in shock because she has never treated us this way before. My wife, is now smiling at me saying Lawanda has done gone crazy I have done nothing to this girl for her to act like that to me! Lawanda then says oh you smiling? I will walk up and smack that smile off your face bich! Then, attempted to approach my wife when an employee stopped her. Its entirety is all on camera in front of this location. My wife ministers as a christian prophetess for faith walkers. She is on radio airwave LOVE 860 AM and broadcasts at 6:45am tuesday through thursday. She is 59 yrs young and not about to have a physical confrontation with anyone! Lawanda is a fighter and very ghetto acting. We believe in letting the creator deal with people who have her type of behavior, so no words have been spoken to her at all, period. I was told to let it go and I did. Now today on tuesday 12-1-2020 between 6:30pm – 7:00pm I entered the store to make a purchase and the harassment continues when a employee tells me Im sorry, but Lawanda has instructed us to not let you in the store anymore. These employee’s do not know me and are being dragged into something that does not involve them, due to Lawanda’s personal issues. It is disrespectful and unprofessional to attempt to tarnish my wife and I’s image! This is not how you operate, representing as the face of your business and will not tolerate these actions. My wife was frightened for her safety and my next step will be filing a police report for the record and having charges filed against this employee at the fulton county supreme court. My wife and I request that we are able to continue doing what we have the right to do and that is to continue doing business at our FAMILY DOLLAR in peace and without harassment! Im sure that this matter will be addressed and the employee’s notified about these changes to prevent any further misunderstanding. Im sure that YOU the corporate staff do not give their employee’s the authority to make decisions that impede the commerce of this corporation! I ask that we be notified with your decisions. I HAVE NOW FILED MY COMPLAINT WITH COMPLAIN.BIZ.

You may contact :Prophetess B. Austin on the
Hobert Austin at (678)396-8911

Thank you so much. Your concern is most appreciated.

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I do not necessarily feel anyone during this pandemic should be without employment but she should be taught a lesson. I recommend demotion. Look, that is your decision of who you want representing your store, all we ask, is that your managers and staff be told that we have access to shop at this location without harassment

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