Complaint: Rude Manager name Tina

on 17 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I asked this manager today 1016 when will the next shipment of Lysol or Microband disinfected spray will probably arrived, she stated that she was gone and just getting back not knowing that a shipment was on last week truck and was sold out. I’m in the store regularly and was there 1012 and was told that probably it will arrive on the next truck, I check every week. She stated that it had been sometime since the store had received this product and i knew that was not correct, might have you; she was out, so why give the wrong information if you do not know the correct information? With that being said, when I simply asked her how long she was out, just to figure the timeline of her misleading information, she became defensive because i guess she thought I was asking her to many questions and she just went off for no apparent reason, the associate there was also trying to informed her of this knowledge that a shipment came in and she didn’t want to hear her neither, this same associate sold me the Clorox wipes last week and she knew the Lysol was on this particular truck as well. Tina the manager start getting louder and louder eventually yelling at the top of her lungs as customer stood looking at her in disbelief and I myself was shocked as a 60 year old female of what is happening to this lady for her to carry on in such in this manner as if she was growing madd. I manger to asked her if she was having a bad day and she yelled that she was and I didn’t make it any better. I commented that she could possibly loose her job acting in such manner and she continued that she didn’t give a damn about me nor her job or position as a manger at Family Dollar and that this was not her only job. I really feel bad for whatever is bothering this person to explode the way she did, but the disrespectfulness was much worst. There was no cause for her to carry on the way she did under no circumstance, the young lady was losing it, poor customer service. I have the ending on video. Wow

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I could never use anyone who misrepresent any business as this manager misrepresented herself, period.

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