Complaint: Racial Profiling

on 10 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

As for the second time a woman she a tad bit older may be a manager or so but she continues to look at me a certain way as if I’m gonna steal from her store which I’ve never even attempted I come in the store everyday while I’m on my break I work across the street from there and I just feel as though it’s not fair to be racially profiling me or making assumptions about me because I walk in the store or even maybe because I’m black I know she’s a elder woman so maybe she’s not a big fan of minorities but I’ve never seen her ask a white person can she help them or are they okay or follow them or hey what’s in your pocket every black Persian is not a thief then today me and my fiancée walked in there and she yells hey you need to put your book bag in the front then we walk around the store like we always do and do you need help or something and not like she wants to help she was being rude and I should be able to come in a store especially one with the name family in it and not feel bad because of my skin color

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I believe honestly something needs to be done about this situation because only ever when she’s there does it make me feel uncomfortable or unwanted in a family establishment

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