Complaint: Racial profile and discriminated against

on 25 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I went to family Dollar it says store number 08166 address is 1244 South Richard Street Joliet Illinois. Telephone number is 815-280-1652. I made a purchase on 1123 2020 at a family Dollar in crown point Indiana which it was a pair of pants and a shirt that did not fit so I decided to exchange it at the store in Joliet. I went inside the store I did not see no employees so I saw some clothes that I was interested in so I picked up a pair of pants and a sweater so I can exchange it for the ones that I already bought at the crown point store why I was looking at the items a lady came where she didn’t have no name tag on her shirt it was a heavy set older black woman with a short tiny ponytail she asked me for my bag and I gave it to her she said I supposed to check it in when I come in I said well I didn’t know that so I continued to look at the clothes so she said can I have your receipt this look like art clothes and I said sure and I gave her my receipt while I was still looking at other items clothes items. All of a sudden when I’m looking at the clothes all the employees was like standing next to me while I’m looking at the clothes I went down one hour then they start following me down the aisles and I’m like what is going on so I went to go pick up some pop and some peanuts and I found the outfit that I wanted to change my clothes for so all of a sudden the lady came out the back and I said ma’am can I have my clothes she called another employee to the back with her so they start taking other customers that I was ahead of why they said they had the work down the line so once they got from back of the office she asked me do I have the card that I purchased my items with and I said yes I do so they put all the stuff back on my card and I said no I just want to do a exchange I don’t want no money back because I don’t want to pay for the items like twice I would have to wait for the money to go back on the card and then that’s when the black lady heavy set lady came from out the back no one had on name tags so I don’t know exactly who was who they told me that the manager name was miracle and the other lady the heavy set lady name was Val so they’re telling me that I have to pay for my items twice basically because it can take up to seven business days before I get my money back for my clothes so I’m telling her I didn’t want it done like that the lady told me to shut up and listen and that’s when I completely lost it because for one you’re following me around the store nobody was at the door to greet me to say hi or I didn’t even know that you supposed to check your bags in then I gave you the receipt my clothes have the tags on them I have my card and you’re following me in the store you asking me if I have certain items you taking other customers before me and nobody else was treated like that it was terrible customer service and I’m contacting lawyers for racial profiling and discrimination.

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I want to be compensated that manager needs to be fired for poor judgment poor customer service telling me to shut up I told her I was going to call customer service she said she didn't give a f who I call having employees follow me in the store like I'm a criminal and I have a receipt tags on the clothes a bag is in being cursed out had the proper payment why am I getting treated like that because I'm black?

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