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on 06 January 2023 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was employed for 6 months during this time as a employee I witnessed the SM misuse store money,mix her personal money with store money,buy actual change from the safe,cut open sealed bank Bags. I witness her be abusive to her employees. I asked to be transferred and was denied twice ,I informed the DM of all activity and the store manager writes me up wrongly 3 times and personally fires me which she had no authority to do so. Every time a incident was reported and the seriousness of it he ignored all complaints and allowed many associates to be terminated. SM has been firing ASMS and anyone that’s crosses her. At closing I placed straps of 5 in deposit bag I arrived at work rhetoric next day they back in the safe knowing the SM cut the bag open and taped it back

Suggested solution:

By investigating this SM and activities ongoing at this location.

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