Complaint: Mask Mandatory

on 10 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

My daughter who is currently pregnant and is due Anytime within the next 3 weeks Was followed every step she made in Family Dollar then as she was almost finished with her shopping but not quite The employee who followed her told her she needs to put a mask on her leave the store. Surprisingly she actually did let her pay for the items she had in her hand but wouldn’t let her finish. My daughter also had her son and the 2 children she babysits all ages 6 and under in the store with her. Bad enough she has to walk to the store in her condition because her husband is out of town working Sunday through friday to support them. So she has noone to go do the shopping for her if i am at home because i dont live right next door. My daughter CANNOT wear a mask beuse she can hardly breathe with one on because she has asthma and she is having enough trouble breathing with carrying my granddaughter and walking to and from the store. My daughter is self reliant and doesn’t like to bother anyone for a ride. Anyway it makes me so angry that first off she was harasst being followed like a criminal and then to tell her she has to leave when she needed stuff from the store for my grandson. They can stck this mask where the sun dont shine and i am being polite because i have more i would rather say!!! Also there were several other people in the store without ba mask and this employee never said a word to them or followed them through the store like criminals!!!

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Suggested solution:

Keep your employees under control and apologize bto my daughter and the children that were scared because of this girl and dont stop my daughter from coming in the store without a mask

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