Complaint: Maria Store supervisor rude and ignored my inquiries

on 10 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I went to this store 08794 in Galveston about 4pm. Line 1 and 3 were apparently open because the lights were on. I walked to three only to wait because no o e was three. I finally decided to walk to line one where Maria and. Cashier were. I asked if anyone was working at three because the light was in. No response or acknowledgment. It seemed I was invisible or inaudiable. I repeated myself. And the cashier answered yes. Maria…… no acknowledgment totally ignored me. Didn’t apologize for the inconvenience or even try to with power the light off to assure another clerk wasn’t avail. But proceeded getting change. I reiterated maybe someone needs to turn the light off. Silence! Maria again…… no acknowledgement I guess she was blind to me standing there. I almost say everything down and walked out but I have had good experiences at your stores other than this one. Maria was then asked for a corporate number. She ignored me again I looked at her and asked if she heard me. Then she said it’s o. The I ternwt she don’t have it. Rude!!! I said where on the internet. She said the internet. Smh horrible. I then went back in to ask her her name and if she was the manager. She said yes and her name is Maria. I’m livid at her rudeness and that she messed up my entire lunch break because instead of spending time with my son I chose to waste even more time emailing corporate to inform them of how unprofessional this peri s was. Please follow up with me. She needs to be aware of her behavior and her poor customer service skills. I work for a multi million dollar LLC company and this sort of treatment of behavior would NeVER be tolerated.

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Suggested solution:

I need a phone call and she needs to be reprimanded and take corrective measures maybe training on customer service and an emotional intelligence course to build better rapport or have a friendly demeanor when customers are present and addressing her.

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