Family Dollar complaint: manger

Complaint from linda floral at outlook .com reported on 26 October 2023 about Family Dollar

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My complaint:

i was in your store today,oct 26 I get what i came in for and rent to the check out. the boy working there was putting out stock I hollard at him to come on he didin;t move so I hollowed at him again. he said we have a bell. still didn;t come so I rang the bell several times. when he came to the check out he refused to ring me out. so i left. .he was so insistance that i ring the bell. he is not friendly and he has an attitude. the girls working there are very nice, but he has a problem.if he treats all customers that way, you won:t have any.

Suggested solution:

either suspende him for a few days or fire him one

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