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on 30 August 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

My Mother of 68 yrs old stopped at this Family Dollar after having an accident at a store near by accident meaning ( she had an accident on herself due to New Medication ) and all she had wrapped around her was a sheet that the lady at the store gave her. My mom left the store and stopped in at the Family Dollar there she saw a Lady that had came out and ask if she could help her and my mom explained what had happened and my mom ask the lady if someone could go in and buy her a pair of pants and the Lady told her that all her employees were busy and didn’t have time then the lady told my mom that she needed to go home well my mom lives in Vidalia and she had a Doctors appointment there in Glennville so my mom ask the Lady if she didn’t mind would she go in a buy her a pair of pants or something and the Lady told my mom NO that she was off work. Let me remind you my mom wasn’t asking for anyone to buy her something with their money she was going to give someone money to buy the pants for her being all she had wrapped around her was a sheet. My mom said that the Lady was so rude to her and the lady happened to be the Manager of this store. If this is what you call good customer service then I don’t won’t anything to do with this Store. I will be posting on FB , Instagram , Snap Chat , ect.

Suggested solution:

the Manager needs to be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!! She's not setting a good example for the store nor the Company

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