Complaint: Manager Kay called me multiple racial slurs and threatened me

on 03 August 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

My name is Haywood Johnson, and I am an avid shopper, and support of the Family Dollar franchise. I’ve always believed you provide the best prices and selection at ALL of your locations across the country, and more importantly I know the beliefs and principles instilled in ALL employees cater to respect for fellow man and equal and appropriate customer service. On Monday June 8th 2020 shortly before closing, I experienced an unimaginable form of racism, and discrimination, from Kay the store manager at 2530 S Memorial Greenville NC 27834. I was searching for a list of items I intended to purchase, and in the midst of that I was stopped by Kay and instantly accused of shoplifting, something I firmly stand against. She ordered me to empty my pockets, and I quickly complied. After proving my innocence I simply ask her to please allow me to continue my shopping and she abruptly shouts at me “Get our of my store, before I grab you by the neck and throw you out like the Nigger that You are.” I’ve experienced unimaginable pain and trauma from this ordeal. Not only did she threaten my life and well being numerous times, but she repeatedly used racial slurs and continued to call me out of my name when I initially showed this women the upmost respect. This situation caused me deep pain and anguish as a proud American and strong supporter of our U.S. Armed Forces. I have many family members fighting over seas risking their lives for ALL people to be treated equal. There is video footage and witnesses that can also verify this entire story. I would like to speak to someone personally about taking action on this matter, as well as seeing to this employee being terminated. Please give me a call at 678-734-8596 and I will be glad to answer and and ALL questions you or anyone else may have. I also have video footage, however it wont let me upload it, however there is a police report and a link to the video on my facebook.

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This situation has effected my search for a job in a negative manner. I also have developed severe anxiety and depression from being humiliated in from of members of my community that I've gone to school with, worked with ect. I would like to come to terms on a financial settlement for my pain and suffering.

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