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on 11 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I was at family Dollar and Elletsville Indiana on Highway 46 yesterday November 11, 2020. And for some reason employee decided to close the store before closing hours I didn’t bother checking to see if anybody was in the store or announcing she was closing the store. So after shopping for an hour and a half to two hours I went up front to the register to pay for my stuff no one came I stood there about 78 minutes then I decided to start looking for someone in the aisle and employee. I couldn’t find anybody in the store that was an employee and I didn’t see anyone else but I thought maybe they were in the back room unpacking stuff, so I went back up front to the register, and wait it again another eight minutes or so. Again no one came so I went to start walking and all of a sudden an alarm went off! And I realized that I had been walked in the store in the employee left without announcing the store was closing or even bothering to check and see if there are any customers in the store. Well why the alarm was going off a man walked up to the door and looked in I told him I was locked in didn’t know what to do and I didn’t have a phone could you please call the police department and he said he would. I waited about 1015 minutes while the alarm kept going off finally the police pulled up and I looked around and we’re ready to drive off, I then yelled to the officer and waved him and started jumping up and down so he got out and finally came to the door he didn’t ask me are you locked inside I said yes I can’t believe this so he went around to the back to see if he could get in and turn the alarm off he couldn’t he came back to the front and told me I’d have to unlock the door from the inside and he’d come in I said that’s fine and that’s what we did. My shopping cart was up by the register post stuff which she seen. So he knew I was telling him the truth he then told me they had no idea how to get a hold of an employee or someone from family Dollar therefore I could go but he have to stay in the store until somebody got in touch with them and the alarm would be shut off and the door is secured. I still can’t believe this happened and that an employee other store it was that irresponsible do you like a customer in the store. Not counting I was terrified and horrified I could’ve been arrested if there wld of had something elese happen. Not counting the 2 hrs I shopped for Christmas an other things, along with it’s a 40 min drive both ways from my home, an I was detained in that store. An I haven’t even gotten a call nor an apology from the company!

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I believe 1st an apology from family dollar, an maybe some type of compensation be offered. An the employee should be repramded for being so negligent! An then why was or did that employee close that store location hrs early? Did they have the company’s permission?, an why wld the they announce they were closing a few minutes before hand??? The Elletesville Police Dept is my picture an proof.

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THERESA D KING (@tking61)
7 months ago

That’s horrible