Complaint: Jim Varney horrible and disrespectful customer service

on 24 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I downloaded the digital coupons for all the gain products on my phone verified that all products were correct. Went to check out where the new clerk Mathew was at the register, I asked Matthew to give me a subtotal on my gain products (3 of them gain flings, gain softener and gain beads) before completing my order to be sure they were being charged correctly. The items were not coming up correct. The softener was coming up full price and the beads 3.95 I asked Matthew to override them as they are clearly marked on the shelf at the digital coupon rate and my coupons had all come up on the kiosk as valid. He looked behind at Jim Varney who was counting his drawer out and he refused to come over. I asked him for his assistance again, he refused on the third time of explaining I was being over charged he looked at the register looked at my items and said you total is $12.75. I again explained that the items are all $1.95 with the digital coupon and my total should only be $7 and change. He refused to help me I said can you please go look at your signs and do you have an add, which he refused. At this point he started insulting me and called me a b$ch. I told him i would be contacting the corporate offices and that I couldn’t believe his level of customer service. I told him i knew exactly who he was and was even friends with his daughter growing up. I spend 100’s of dollars a month at your store and this location and I can’t believe the level of disrespect and lack of customer service Jim Varney gave. I will no longer be spending my money at this location. All of this happened over a system error that could have been rectified by doing simple math and an override button.

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Jim Varney needs to be addressed the fact that he holds a manager position at this location or a store for that matter is shameful. Speaking to customer the way he did using profanity and his lack of quality customer service is a direct reflection on Family Dollar as a whole.

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