Complaint: Inappropriate Search of Purse

on 10 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was in this store last Tuesday, November 3rd. I go to this store regularly as it is near my house. This particular day my boyfriend and I were in there shopping and I filled my basket. It was fairly heavy so my boyfriend took it to the front counter and set it down there and told me he would meet me outside. I then proceeded to continue shopping. I had a big bundle of toilet paper and a big bundle of paper towels in my arms and I was bent down looking at your spray paint. The little blond girl that was working was very rude and came up and asked me to look in my purse. this was the second time that same girl had done that to me. The first time I let it slide. This time she did it with customers in the store which was very unprofessional and very rude. I proceeded to let her see the inside of my purse and then I put my items down and told her she was way out of line. I don’t appreciate being treated like that considering both time she has made me show the contents of my purse there have been no items in there that shouldn’t have been there. I am not a thief. I am a terminal lung cancer patient who is dying of cancer every day. And I’m certainly not going to go steal anyting. When I went in the dollar store I was talking on my cell phone. She had me so upset when I left that I left without my phone. I have been in there several times asking if my phone was found and she assured me that it indeed was not. I however have done a find my phone will tatian mark. that search shows me that my phone is indeed in their store. I don’t know what she has done with my phone I don’t know if she is throwing it away or if she has I want it herself but I did have to buy a new phone because of her. I will be meeting with my attorney later this week to discuss this 2 time illegal search. I wanted to make you aware of it as well.

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I expect to be paid for my pain and suffering, an apology from that rude girl, reimbursed for my cell phone, and I expect her to be fired so she can't treat other customers this way.

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