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on 24 May 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On May 24, 2022 at or around 12:00 Noon I was at the
location ar10130 West 7 Mile Rd in Detroit MI.
The items that I purchased did not scanned (at the register) at the prices that were marked on the shelves. I informed the Cashier that the price scanned differently. She said; well I can’t help that. I then asked for the Manager, who did come and was informed of the situation. The Manager informed the Cashier to sell the item as it was marked. After leaving the store I noticed from my receipt that the items were not changed, as thee manager had informed the Cashier. I went back into the store to speak with the Manager and showed him the receipt. He was assisting me with the matter and then the same Cashier begin to yell at me. I informed her that I was not speaking to her but was speaking with the Manager. She became upset and start calling me names making verbal threats towards me, She also had a very small child with her, she stated the child was her son, who was behind the register with her. She then became hostile towards me using verbal profanity and walking very aggressive toward me to assault me. She was yelling; I’m going to Kick that old Bitch Ass. People in the store was holding her back to restrain her from attacking me, several people witnessed her aggressive behavior. Detroit MI Police Report 2205240219

Suggested solution:

The individual should be Terminated

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