Family Dollar complaint: False advertising

on 20 October 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I go to this store all the time. And everytime it’s always something. The prices that are up are nowhere near what you pay at the register. And when you address the prices the manager who is always sitting down on his phone, I know this because I shop there almost every other 3 days. Well he has the nerve to say well put it bck. He also said well check price your merchandise. We go there to shop and not to worry about prices being right or wrong. They get paid to get stuff in the system correct. His attitude is not good for customers. On the shelf it says hot cheetos 3.95 and they ring up 4.50 plus tax.

Suggested solution:

Fix the prices correct to match the ring up price. Stop over charging us. Because we go in there expecting to pay what the shelf says and come to paying 2 dollars more on merchandise. That's not fair

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