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My complaint:

Most of us here in Chetek love your store and it is our first go to store. We realize you are having trouble keeping staff and wish you would let some of us older people help you out. Your shelves are half bare, merchandise is sitting on carts in the aisles waiting to be put on these shelves with no people to unpack them. The staff is very nice and it is our pleasure to shop there, but to constantly go to empty shelves and have to run 12 miles to Walmart when we would rather give our hometown the business is getting quite disgusting. Why don’t you hire some of us old people to stock your shelves, we don’t need benefits, and would accept a lower salary to get out of the house but not interact too closely with shoppers because of the virus. We would work parttime, any hours of the day or evening and make your store as welcoming as it used to be before you had to keep banging into boxes or merchandise that should be on the shelves so we can buy it.

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Suggested solution:

Just consider the more attractive store and the convenience of full shelves for people to pick up their stuff, pay and leave. I once told the girls I would come in for free just to help them get the job done and the store more presentable and convenient. I'm sure I am not the only senior citizen still able to work and want your store to succeed.

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