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on 02 August 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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On 08022020 my wife went to the store to buy a cat litter box and a few accessories for it. When she got to the checkout the cashier was helpful and friendly until no receipt printed. The cashier called her assistant manager (Eli) over. He stated the transaction did not go through even though she showed the bank withdrawal for the exact amount and time. Eli had her sit and wait while he tried to figure it out. He then said he voided the transaction but would not this in any way and told my wife the transaction did not go through and couldn’t take her items. He asked her to pay for it again all while she was showing him the bank withdrawal. Eli began yelling (I was on the phone and heard him through the phone) at both my wife and the cashier. After all was said and done my wife left crying after being ridiculed by the assistant manager and basically being told she was an idiot. Beat part is, my wife had our two year old son with her and she is 6 months pregnant. Great job Eli, way to make a pregnant mother cry. When I went to the store to get the void receipt he told me he was unable to do so and called his boss (Sam). Sam talked with me and set it up to be able to discuss everything with her at a later date and was nothing but pleasant.

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Eli should not be in charge if he can not contain his attitude over $11. I have been in a multimillion dollar retail store as manager and if my assistant managers ever spoke to an associate this way it was an immediate respect issue. My wife should never leave a store named “Family” Dollar crying. This is absolutely unacceptable. Eli should be made to apologize directly to my wife in front of the cashier he yelled at. He needs to learn respect. I will not even go into the disrespect he showed me.

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