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on 30 July 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Consistent days in a row ive gone to the family dollar in the 2000 Blk of North Havard Ave. in Tulsa, Oklahoma and an employee i believe transitioning to management position has her mask pulled down totally under her chin. I finally ask her yesterday if the sign that states mask required to enter mean soon as we are in the store, we can remove ours as well? No she states in which i ask her why she isnt wearing hers. Smart elic mannered she states I am wearing my mask. Well no… If its pulled down exposing complete face… (Nose, mouth and chin) she isnt wearing her mask. She then says well… I wear it all day and i get tired of it on my face. DONT WE ALL?? She only supposed to wear hers maybe 8 hrs… If that…
I told her i work 12 plus hours under mask requirements then forced again to wear it even longer if i enter any other public establishments but if im going to be mandated to wear a mask to enter your dollar store, i expect to see employees practicing what they are preaching. Dont tell me i must wear one while standing in front of me with your mask completely under your chin.

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Mandate employees to follow to the full extent the same requirements forced upon us. As for pictures... Didnt get one but she'll be maskless again. Besides... Family Dollar has video cameras... More than customers need to be observed for sure. Especially in North Tulsa.
I refuse to even visit that store again for its actually the worst in this area... Mainly due certain rude employees.

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