Complaint: Cashier Using Profanity

on 21 November 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

On November 17th (Tuesday) at 4:45pm
I walked into this Family Dollar to purchase some items. I noticed a male at the counter talking to the female cashier who was very loud in conversation. Moments later after the male customer left the store I approached the front of the store after hearing the same female cashier using profanity as she was walking towards the back of the store. When she saw me come towards the front looking puzzled faced she asked me was I ok? I then asked her did she realize she was in a public place of business cursing and using profanity. The female cashier then looked at me and walked away still using profanity headed to the back of the store. At that time the store manager came to the front and he was shaking his head, because of the behavior of his staff, and told me after I asked why is she using profanity in a place of business where people have to shop. The store manager told me and I quote Because she is Ghetto I then looked at him in SHOCK and asked for her name to file a report. Before I got the information from the store manager the female cashier started raving at me telling down the isle me she wasn’t talking to me. At this point I was done so I left the store and filed this report.

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Suggested solution:

Be mindful that the Family Dollar is a business not a circus act.
People shop here and a little respect goes along way.

The cashier needs to be fired (NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS) and the manager needs more training on how to handle his employees.

The way this happened was so unprofessional, and many think in there mind just because they work for a company that its not important to them they can get another job. NOT TRUE.

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