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on 15 September 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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I called that store to find out the price of an item and was told by the lady that she was at the register. I asked if someone else could check the cost of the item and the phone was ly put down. She made no move to find out the cost of the item because I could hear her with others talking about ain’t nobody got time for that I hung up after 3 mins. I tried finding numbers for other locations however the numbers must’ve been old as one was now a publix and other numbers were out of service. I called the previous number but that was busy for about 20 mins more however, I called again for a manager as I had given up on finding another lication. The lady put another person on the phone and they were obviously trying to disguise their voice, but they knew exactly what I was asking for so it must have been the first lady I spoke with or someone she told about the object I had asked for. That lady went on to say the item is between $2 – $4 so I asked for an exact price and got hung up on. I didn’t call back. They are rude, lazy and disrespectful as the store is not very big and it would’ve taken a second to find the item and price. It’s the closest of any store to me that has the item which is the only reason I’d called, but never again. I’ll go out of my way next time than to go into that store. I’ve worked retail and was always willing to help a prospective customer, but they all need to be FIRED!!!

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Fire all the employees working that night shift. If you don't like your job then find another one!!!

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