Complaint: Bad Customer Service

on 29 December 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Upon arriving to the store there was a big blue cart blocking one of the Isle that I was in. A man came out out of the back room, on the east side of the store, startling me there was a sudden moment of oxward silents so, to brake the ice I found myself having to apologized to the tall, thick, blonde man and there was no reply, he just moved the big blue cart to a different location. Even thouhg I felt uncomfortable I began to shop for my things. Just as I got to the front counters to be wrong up, I saw the same man again. He told be to move down to the other counter with out even looking at me or making eye contact and yelled at another lady to come ring me up. As I was struggling to move my baby carriage and groceries closer to the right counter, he again very rudely said MAMA, go to the to the other counter, I replied I heard you the first time. He then proceeded to take off his mask, making himself even more angry, telling me to leave the store and that he was not going to ring me up, to get out of the store. I immediately started putting all of my groceries on to the counter so I could leave, then he began to get even more upset yell, I said get out I am not going to ring you up, I told him I was just putting my things on the counter in order to leave, he then told me to stop talking to him and get out of his store, I realized at that moment he
was the manager. I am a home owner close to that location, shopping there quite frequently. I can not famish the thought of spending my money at a store with that kind of un Professionalize, I ask that this situation be addressed and rectified by removing him as an employee or manager your company so, I can continue to shop at your store with a better atmosphere.

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Suggested solution:

I would ask that you replace that Manager or employee with one that has a better attitude with there customers, and that wears a mask at all times.

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