on 16 April 2021 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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Hi I was wondering if my case would be strong enough to file a ‘claim’ I am also new to this seeking advice. However, on April 15, 2021 @ about 56pm I went to a family dollar that I usually go to, right by my house. (A tall white heavy man about 30’s. This guy working has continued to hawk me down repeatedly and today he decided to confront me. First he came up to me asking me if I was opening $1 (singlepk) eyelashes. I had my 7 month old son with me and was shopping for other things, so I showed him my hands, that nothing was open. About 5 mins later when I made my way to the candy isle up front by the registers he came toward me from the other end of the isle, with a empty mascara package. This man completely and 100% wrongfully accused me of stealing that mascara. Shocked while trying to prove my innocence, I was emptying out my pockets on the floor, uncovered my sleeping baby to show I had nothing. I was completely offended, embarrassed, I felt targeted, like he was trying to catch me doing something. At one moment I said really? I have my baby with me!. He made a comment like whats that suppose to mean? while proceeding to tell me to just give it to him. He walked away. After I checked out so confused, and angry, and embarrassed..While putting my baby in his seat. He then came out to my car telling me I looked at the cameras, and you werent even in that area, my bad.pretty much, like it was nothing. I thought this was highly inappropriate and so wrong. I could not believe what had just happened in public with MY 7 MO, OLD BABY. so not ok that was horrible!!!please help with any advice please

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