Complaint: Abusive employee coupons not honored

on 20 October 2020 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I pulled into the parking spot and saw a sign in door the said save $5 off $25 purchase so I pulled up the family dollar app and clipped the coupon. I only came there to buy a tooth brush but decided to get more because I will save money by using the coupon. I shopped for a while and when my purchase rang up and totaled and I entered my phone number unto the pin pad and asked if my coupons were applied and the young man which was the assistant manager told me “no they were not”. I was very upset because I only shopped for more merchandise just to save money otherwise I would not have spent any more money other than the toothbrush I came for.. I asked the 2 gentleman why wasn’t it applied and he replied “it has something to do with the app”. This didn’t seem like a very good excuse to me and he was unwilling to honor my coupon and said he couldn’t.. I was very upset at this time because I feel like I was tricked and lied to because not only was there a bright orange sign on the door but the app also advertised the $5 savings as well. I argued with the gentleman about it and I was having a hard time accepting that there was nothing further he could do. I did not agree with him and continued to argue about it. He told me to get out of the store and called me a w h o r e. This infuriated me further and I told him he would be hearing from my boyfriend and he got up on my face and told me to bring it on. I felt Very threatened And intimidated by him and I was scared. This is not how your employees should treat their customers especially a women. I am a frequent shopper and I have spent a lot of Money at your Establishment I am very upset and I will never return to your store again and I will make sure I inform anyone that will listen of my experience. What happened to me is false advertisement. I have worked at this family dollar myself and I have worked in retail for over 20 years And in all the places That I have been employed with and I have never ever Seen anything so unfair and distasteful As I have tonight. False advertisement is not acceptable in any way and neither is an employee calling a female customer a white and I will not tolerate either and I’m certain that the better business bureau will frown upon it as well. If something is not done about this and that young man that threatens me and sexually assaulted me is not fired then I will take matters into my own hands and I do not think that your business will thrive in that sort of attention.

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Suggested solution:

The employee should be let go. He is an assistant manager and he should know you do no treat your customers that way and I should at least get money back for the coupons that were not honored because there were a few more that were not applied and that’s at the very least. I feel I should be compensated for my trouble because I should not have been called such a vulgar and disgusting name. I believe I deserve extra compensation since my experience at the store was so awful and traumatic.

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