Complaint: Unjustified deactivation of my account

on 23 February 2021 about Facebook in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I opened an Facebook account at least 12 years ago. I never posted violated against community standards. This is unjustified. I never supported criminals or violated group. I have my regular page and business page. Please spesify what post violated your community standards.

Suggested solution:

Reactivate my account

Unjustified deactivation of my account
Unjustified deactivation of my account
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1 year ago

I hear you. My account was completely disabled recently because some troglodyte on Marketplace got abusive and filed a false report about me, when I wouldn’t offer delivery on a clearly stated ‘pickup only’ listing. Gotta love the automated insta-disable feature when someone reports you lol. Its no wonder that Facebook users are leaving in droves. Let Facebook wither away, I say.

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