Extended Stay America complaint: No Wifi or Hot Water

on 18 May 2023 about Extended Stay America in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Starting this month of May 2023 I noticed my hot water wasn’t getting hot anymore and I communicated to the front desk management about it repeatedly and was lied to repeatedly that the water was set on the right temperature. Even the supervisor management came into my room we both felt the water being warm and not hit after being ran for 5 minutes or more and he still liked me right in the eyes and lied and said that’s where it’s supposed to be and that’s what hot water is. Then on Sunday May 14,2023 they Wifi was Not working or on at all and I do work from home and it requires Wifi so this is still affecting my finances and job as well. The management and staff told repeated lies to me saying to be back in on certain days and times but that never happened either. Then upon May 17,2023 the hot water was off and not running from 3pm to 10pm at night and in our building we were not even given a heads up, no communication about this, or a notice either. I was told that the issue was the valve was 50 years old and it affected the hot water. When I asked for compensation for this issue that is a fault of the management they told me no they can’t do that which I know is another lie because they are supposed to compensate their guests when it’s their fault and they’re the ones who caused these issues that’s affecting our livelihoods and plans. The management here and staff are very unprofessional and they immediately need better, good hearted Staff replacement as well.

Suggested solution:

They should are supposed to give me 4 free nights because this Wifi issue is still going on even now and my work from home job requires the Wifi to be working in its entirety and it hasn’t been since Sunday May 14,2023.

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