Evri complaint: Unsafe, Uncommunicative, Unrelaible

Complaint from Amyj13 reported on 02 May 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I am appalled by the careless handling of my recent parcel delivery by EVRI. Despite being assured of a safe delivery, my £130 worth of clothing was left unattended on my doorstep along the main road, only to disappear upon my arrival home. Who leaves a parcel on a door step in the main road?

To make matters worse, my attempts to address this issue through an investigation inquiry have been met with silence from the EVRI team. This lack of response is both unacceptable and disappointing.

Given that I have never encountered such negligence with EVRI in the past, unlike the experiences of friends and family, I am deeply concerned about the reliability and professionalism of their service. This incident has left me questioning whether I can trust EVRI for future deliveries.

Suggested solution:

Reach out and either provide a refund or mark the delivery as undelivered/ stolen so that I receive the clothes that I have paid for and EVRI failed to deliver.

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