Evri complaint: Delivery driver refused to hand over package!

Complaint from Flashmob2 reported on 15 May 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

An Evri delivery driver came to my front door with a parcel. We have been having issues with parcels being delivered to the wrong address as our house doesn’t have a number so I asked to check if the parcel was for us. He said, fine, you don’t want it then and bolted off. I followed asking to see the parcel, he refused to let me see it. I pursued him to the van and he continued to taunt me, blocking me from seeing the parcel. Video is attached. If the parcel is for us, I don’t know how it will be delivered as I have no tracking number and I assume this man will destroy it so either myself or whoever the parcel is for will lose out. It is a really weird way to behave and should be investigated.

Suggested solution:

Find the package and make sure their driver is OK. It seems like he may have issues.

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