Evri complaint: Courier apparently can’t find me

Complaint from Goodoldbakes reported on 29 May 2024 about Evri

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My complaint:

I was expecting two parcels of pet food from Zooplus. One got delivered by our regular Evri courier, very dependable, but apparently the courier delivering the other parcel ‘couldn’t find my address’. How come it’s easy for one courier from the same company to deliver to me but not another? Of course, you can’t contact them to complain. The call service is just an automated service of push buttons and voice recognition and the chat service is just as useless. My dog is on a specialist diet, so when I have to drive 8 miles to Pets at Home late to get her some specialist food, are Evri going to reimburse my fuel costs and the cost of the dog food that I shouldn’t have had to buy?

Suggested solution:

Deliver my pet food today and reimburse me if I have to go out and buy some. I have already complained about them to their client and if I could rate them zero stars, I would.

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