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My complaint:

Friday March 25 2022 between 10 10:15 am.

Worker who took my order seemed impatient. I couldn’t hear her through her mask and the plexi glass shield the first couple of times then she pointed to the mat and asked what kind of salsa wpuld you like? Then when I went to get my fountain drink all the sodas had zero carbonation and were very flat with a watery syrup taste. This seems to be the norm at this location with the cranky employees and the flat soda fountain. When I got back to work, the salsa cup wasn’t even half full, and appeared as it was possibly left over from an earlier order, and the cilantro had been poorly chopped. I attached a pic.

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You may need to hire a spy to watch the staff to see if they operate professionally by El Polo Loco standards.

Poor Service
Poor Service
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