eDreams complaint: Never shared airline booking reference

on 02 October 2022 about eDreams in category Travel

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Matteo Sbroscia

2:58 AM (20 minutes ago)

to customerservice-en
I had a flight from Rome to Stuttgart last week, booked via eDreams with reference number 1011998126. I called 3000 times and the airline reference number you guys ever gave me was 02PZQ.

EuroWings, the airline, never recognised it and said it was in the wrong format. I called them, Lufthansa; etc, also a million times, spending money for data and phone as well.

eDreams was not able to provide me with a reference number recognised by the airline by Wednesday 21st of Sept, and I had explained that I was about to leave on a long flight and only have access to my phone again on Friday 23rd. Out of fear of missing my flight to Stuttgart, I booked another ticket with the airline directly.

I called eDreams again on Friday, still no answer, but you guys sent me an email saying I should cancel directly with the airline, and FINALLY you gave me the code mm2d2r which was recognised by the airline. It was however too late.

I request a full refund from eDreams.
This was your problem, for repeatedly giving me the wrong number, and forcing me to purchase a new ticket. I called a billion times (at least 4 times) in the week and days preceding the flight.

Suggested solution:

Full refund.

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