eDreams complaint: Edreams are the biggest scammers

Complaint from jany Thomas reported on 21 June 2023 about eDreams

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My complaint:

I made the mistake 2 years ago of booking with Edream and after that booking i was charged an annual Edreams prime withut my consent so as I live in Mexico its impossible to get hold of anyone on the phone so I waited to go back to London last summer to speak to an agent as i could not access my prime account to remove the annual subscription! eventually spoke to an agent who then ed that it was all fine and that i would get a discount on my next purchase ! well guess what i was never able to get in my account to use my prime benefits as everytime i ask for a password to get in I get to the main website and nothing! Unable to access Prime and now they have charges me a second year for their annual subscription a second timr and I am still unable to access the website and I have not been able to speak to anyone as its impossible to speak to a human!!!
i am so furious because I have been charged twice in 2 years and i cant do anythig as my banque keeps asking me to cancel with them directly!!! I demand a full refund of 2 years Prime asap!!

Suggested solution:

I dont want any vouchers or discount I want a full refund of their 2 years subscription!!!

eDreams complaint Edreams are the biggest scammers
eDreams complaint Edreams are the biggest scammers
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