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on 19 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My mother ordered a pizza and wings today and was told it would take up to thirty to fourty five minutes for her order to be ready. She was fine with the wait time. She came back and asked if her order was ready and the manager on duty screamed at her and said that it wasn’t. She said to him she was just asking. An order resembled my mother’s which was just sitting on the counter. She asked if it was hers and once again he screamed and said, “I just told you it wasn’t ready!” And also decided to add, you can have your money back and leave or I’ll call the police. He came up and slammed the receipts and void transactions on the counter. I asked why he was speaking to my mother that way. I told him I work with the public in leadership as well and understands the difficulties of being short handed and very busy. I expressed, calmly, that emotions such as frustrations shouldn’t be shown or acted out to the customer. By this time the lady manager came in and did everything she could to diffuse the situation. My mom and I explained the situation to her and she did what she could. He rolled his eyes and told me he didn’t care. The police showed up and I explained what happened. The police asked why were they called. I said I wondered the same. He went in and spoke to the “manager” and came back out. The policemen said that he thought it was a really good idea to call and report him being that this wasn’t his first occasion. I told the police he gave me the vibe like he wanted to hurt my mother. She started to cry because nothing like this has ever happened to us. It was embarrassing. The customer behind us asked about her order as well and he was just as ugly to her.

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This young man should not work in customer service. He has a nasty, down right rude attitude. My mother didn’t deserve to be treated this way. She loves domino’s and visits often. If he were my associate, he most definitely would not be working for me. Just his attitude alone, lowers the morale of the store. My mother said she would never eat at that dominos again. She may never get it but my mother deserves an apology. She did nothing wrong.

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