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Domino’s Pizza tell me they will deliver my pizza within 35-40 minutes right now it’s an hour and 5 minutes they said the driver’s on his way I think this is horseshit this company off of Bonanza in Nevada is a bad Domino’s Pizza their telephone number is 702 431-3030 and my name is Mark prideaux my telephone no is 253-359-0318.

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Suggested solution:

I think you need to discipline them big time.

Comment by poster of the complaint It was for delivery.

2 months ago - Check them hour and 20 minutes to give me the pizza it was not that good it was kind of cold I still took it so I was hungry I would never order a pizza for Domino's no more they get rid of some of the staff who are causing the problems and most of them or Mexicans who deliver or who work at that store I want someone white guy the delivery guy.

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