Complaint: Rude manager and staff

on 05 January 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Good evening I placed and order online number 1488. Recently I have been receiving cheese bread without cheese inside of the bread on my last 3 orders prior. So to make sure I received extra cheese in my bread I called the store was hunger up on 4x before someone finally answered after 45 minutes wait I explained about my cheese bread that lately I haven’t had extra cheese in my bread and I am willing to pay the extra charge. The lady that answered said to me that did I want her to open my bread and to check if there is extra cheese in it and if so that she can’t do that I told her that I was on my way to pick it up. So when I arrived yo the store I asked for Ny order she said that she couldn’t give me the food to check that the map was going to give it to me so the manager came and she said oooh your bread is here and if u want yo check it u can she gave it yo me I checked I gave it back to her I explained once more that there is no cheese in the bread only outbid the bread is cheese. That’s why I called now I got to wait for u to make another bread. Do she said oooh k I will make another bread we can’t add too much cheese for n it. By now the manager a blonde I guess she’s the manager all of them was talking about me in Spanish and guess who speaks Spanish me. The blonde said oooh I will make it but b…. will wait she will see how a f…. excuse my language how’s it’s made and she won’t be bothering anymore. And they all in the back laughing and stuff I am listening. U didn’t say nothing. Then she said the blinding who the f…she think she is? By now my bread the other girl weighted my bread then she put it in the oven. Then after my bread came out of the oven the blonde told the other girl not to put it in the box yet that to make me wait after what I put her throw. I said my bread came out already why it hasn’t been given to me the blonde said oooh no it’s not out yet. I saw the bread come out and it was a pizza coming out of the oven. The. After 3-4 minutes she the blonde came with 2 boxes both with cheese bread she said oooh we all was trained yo do the bread like this look this has a lot of cheese it’s not cooked well she she’s digging her fingers in it. The other box she only showed me the bread. She left didn’t said nothing else I said you was rude to me I didn’t appreciate it that from u or anyone. She said oooh it’s okay it’s okay. I said by the way I speak fluent Spanish I knw everything that u and all of you said back there. So don’t worry I will let the general manager and the corporate know what you all did this is unprofessional. She started laughing and told me to call now and complain. And I walk out and she continued to laugh n laugh like it was a joke to her and the rest of the staff was laughing. We are customers and we shouldn’t be treated like that we are bringing the little bite that we have to domino’s and yo be treated like that it’s not fare. We are in the middle if a pandemic dominos should be appreciative of people bringing in some $$$ we have other options to bring our $ we chooses dominos. Please educate your staff because the way the going you will not have a business with admitiré and rudeness like that. By the way I didn’t get the blue cheese that I paid for. Since everyone was busy been rude and obnoxious with me they didn’t give it to me.

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I think there’s better ways of solving issues without been rude and obnoxious. Didn’t get no opologies nothing she they only made fun and started to laugh they were so ignorant.

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