Complaint: Rude Driver Refused to Deliver Pizza Unable to get refund

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My complaint:

Yesterday on 5.24.20 I made an order for a contactless delivery was refused delivery. The driver called me ed me he was present with my pizza. I happily told him I was standing by waiting he could place the order on the huge mailbox center in front of my house. He hung up on me. He then got out waved for me to come to his car. I sat motionless. He then placed my order on the back of his car got back in the car. He then called me a second time and rudely challenged me…Look Sir do you want the pizza or not?! I don’t care it’s not my loss I asked him to lower his voice please place the pizza on the mailbox center as indicated in the order notes. He hung up on me a second time, got out, took my food got back in the car. I waited around 10 more minutes figuring he was going to check the order notes comply. he literally sat there another 10 minutes would not give me my food. I must admit I gave up went back inside my house. I called the store, sat on hold for 34 minutes decided to call them again at noon. I was on hold 28 minutes decided to email. I merely wanted a refund for my order. I felt that failing to report this driver was would have been helping him do this again to other paying customers.

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Just a refund please perhaps fire this driver. Or even get the store to refund me my money since they refuse to speak with me. I would love to see an older more mature manager. The store is primarily operated by 20 to 25 year olds who are notoriously rude to the customers. If you have a look at the google complaints for our store you will see that I'm being honest. Please make them tone it down with the customers.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Dominos Pizza

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