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My complaint:

I ordered and was given a 645 delivery time. watching my food sit in the quality control position until 7pm delivery que. My new delivery time became 710, then 725 then 740 and finally my old, cold food arived in terrible condition. I contacted the kitchen on ave J and 10th street west in Lancaster. Nic or Jerry the person was not clear on the phone. I asked what was going on and why my food was being delayed. Proceeded to not allow me to ask when it would arrive or how long I would have to wait the hung up the phone. I called back in 10 min and same person answered and proceeded to make excuses, were busy, were short staffed, what would you like a free pizza or something next time. I said just my food hot as promised and why my food took 2 hours from order time and still not here. Order 696. I even gave a tip at time of payment.
Because my experience was beyond unacceptable, and it’s not the first time. Each time it has occurred i said no more dominos, but somebody wanted some so I gave in. Not again,
Because my food was cold and in total destruction. Pizza boxes were turned upside down my salad and pasta were in a bag sideways and gross looking. Missing dip and soda warm. I want a refund,

Because of the time I have to take to tell you all this. just shows you do not give a crap about quality at this location or the quality of your staff representing your company. the picture in my head of your board would be a bunch of white shirts with pizza sauce all over the front of their selves

Suggested solution:

I would like a complete refund. I would like you to care about your company. I would like to win the lottery. Move on if you're not willing to make the experience great. However, my business will not go to companies owned by dominos in the future, like you care. I expect this message to go by the wayside and swept aside.
half hour delays no biggie. 2hours... NOT ACCEPTABLE.

FIX YOUR PROBLEMS WITH TRAINING AND BE PICKIE WITH WHO YOU HIRE. MOST PEOPLE ARE NICE IN AN INTERVIEW but suck at the job... LIKE THE MANAGEMENT OF DOMINOS. I just wanted my food and was polite about it until the end. The phone person was not genuine. why provide proof.. YOU WILL DO NOTHING AS USUAL

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