Complaint: Rude delivery driver

on 17 February 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I work at a hospital and I can always answer my phone right when it rings. The delivery driver called a few times and I was finally able to answer about 5 mins later. She told me she left and she’s half way back to the store. I then stated that my pizza was already paid for and what was the next steps. She said well I guess I’ll turn around. I said ok thank you. Her response was yeah whateverrrrrrrr and hung up. She then calls again once she’s downstairs at the lobby. I answer and she says yeah where are you. I told her I’m walking down the stairs as we speak and her response was “you know you’re really wasting my time” I said well i can’t be downstairs at the lobby waiting for you. I am at work. She stated that wasn’t her problem. By the time I made it to the lobby she was in the car pulling off. I then called the store and let the manager know what happened. He told me that I should contact corporate because it was inappropriate. I didn’t eat my pizza because getting food from someone with a nasty attitude like that who knows what they’ve done to your food.

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Suggested solution:

I would like my order replaced and that employee to receive some kind of punishment

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