Complaint: Racial Slur

on 04 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I am one of the employees at Domino’s, I was disrespected. Today at work I was kindly minding my business and once I got the speaker to play music I was, also my music was not loud it was just to where I can hear it. The person who had it before me had the speaker and was blasting the music which had slurs in it, the difference between me and that person was that he is white and I’m black. So the driver comes to me and he demands “turn that s off, I don’t want to hear that bulls” those were his exact words. I didn’t come back at him crazy I paused my music and stayed calm just so I can see what the problem was.. he then comes back and says “turn that nigger s off, if you’re not going to play music for everybody then turn it off, I don’t want to hear that nigger s”. I immediately felt disrespected because he was definitely directing that slur to me. I am literal at the only black person in their and everyone there was white, the manger of the night is the driver; Arthur’s step son so I already knew he wasn’t going to say anything about it, he stayed on make line and was quite the whole time. Once again like I said I was playing music just for me nobody else could hear it and didn’t care for the speaker either. Not to mention I was told by one of the employees that he was a racist. It truly hurt me because we had a conversation about discrimination, he asked me how I felt about being called black, he says “ So how which do you prefer, being called black or African American?” I actually did not mind having that conversation with him and Trevor who is another driver, it felt good to talk about that to another race. So when he pulled this card today I was so surprised because he is also a Christian supposedly at least… He took the speaker and threw it away, he looked back like as if I was going to run after him and take it back or something but he thought wrong, I continued working and soon told another employee to get the oven. While I step back for a bit to cool down, not to forget the other employees were also surprised by him saying that and they immediately came to me and were talking to me about it and was like “he should not have said that to you” and that he was wrong, like all three of them knew how I felt and then to be the only African American working the shift like it’s pretty obvious it was directed to me. The driver even said “I’ll call the manager on you’re ass” and I simply told him go ahead. Later after I left while trying to calm down, I sent a message to Tyler; he is one of the managers at my job. When I broke it down to him he basically already had his agreement set, from that point on I knew he was on his side. He was sent home and I’m pretty sure that is all but I will not be silenced because they don’t understand how deep this really is. He is the oppressor in the situation not me. Tj, was playing music before me also he was blasting it, it’s been many times where people that get the speaker play anything they want and not caring about what anybody has to say but as soon as I get the speaker he then gets all the energy to come at me crazy and disrespect me. And now the manager tells me that he asked several other employees if he was directing it to me.. he said they said no but even on the camera they all came to me also surprised by him using the slur so I know that is a lie, and I will be sticking to my story.

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He should be fired, I strongly feel as though they are not going about it the right way. They are handling this situation very light like it doesn’t even matter to them. I am very much affected by that slur so I can not just let this blow over like it’s nothing, it’s just not fair.

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