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I placed a online order for curb side pickup and paid online. I received a order tracker and a time order would be ready. I also received a text with a link to check in when I arrived. Once I arrived I checked as here and saw on order my order was ready. Once checked in I was instructed that my order would be right out and to put on my hazard lights so I could be found. After waiting 20 mins and no coming out with my order, I call the store, ‘ve when someone finally answered they placed me on hold and never came back to the phone. At this point I have been here over 25 mins.I finally realize no one is going to come back on the line so I drive around to the side window. I see several employees walking around with one young lady walking by the window and looking directly at me. She walks over and it looks as if she is going back to making pizza but talking to someone that I can’t see. She finally comes over to the window to see what I want. I told her I had placed an order for curb side pickup and had been waiting for over 25 mins for someone to bring it out. I told her the order tracker said that it was ready. She asks what my last name is and she shuts window and comes back and angrly hand me my order which is cold, I told her forget it I didn’t even want it anymore, she snatched the food back, slapped the windw and threw the food across the counter and walked away. I had to knock on the window several times with her ignoring me until a young man comes to the window. I asked was he the manger and he he was. I asked did see the girl snatch the food from me and throw it across the counter, and he said he didn’t but they were so busy. I explained to him that I had made my order online and checked in as instructed but no ever brought the food out, and I has waited over 25 mins. he didn’t seem to bothered by this just said they were too busy to bring orders out. I told him that they shouldn’t advertise curb side service then. I told him to cancel the order and please refund my money. At this moment I don’t know if I’ll get my money back or not. I really doubt that I will. If manger was not even concerned that an employee would grab food out of the hand of a paying customer, I doubt he will be concerned about making sure I am refunded.

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I have seen poor service before but I have never been treated like this in my life. I understand they may have been busy but I was the only person parked in curb side pick up. The food was paid for. It would not have taken 60 sec to walk it out to me. I would just like to make sure that money is returned to me at this point and I want make the mistake of ever spending money here again.

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